SNHS Vision
America has been honoring brilliant students through honor societies since 1921. Educators began to notice the need for subject specific honor societies in America’s high schools in the 1980's. Since then, new honor societies have sprung up to recognize and encourage students in such areas as English, Art, French, and Spanish. Until now, there has been no national honor society for Science. In this era of rapidly changing technologies and scientific advancement, it is time to encourage and recognize high school students in the Sciences. 
SNHS is a prominent scientific organization that will engender a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research, and scientific exploration for America.
(SNHS is not directly affiliated with the National Honor Society but we do maintain a cordial and professional relationship with that organization.)
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The SNHS is going to take advantage of this moratorium in the school year and will redesign our web site.  For the next couple of months, changes will come and go.  Anything you see will be real but it will move around but new things that occur will be pasted up with a yellow background to catch your attention.
All all the same people are working on the SNHS, but the  physical address of the SNHS has changed so make a note for the future: 
SNHS, 15901 Amis Court, Austin, Texas  78734. 
Our email address for this period is 
The phone is also changing too (512) 937-2305.
The SNHS recommends that you use Chrome as the browser of choice on this site.
Scholarship Applications for 2019 - 2020 School Year

The scholarship applications period for the 2019-2020 school year is closed.  It closed February 9, 2020.  All applications were performed electronically through this site.  The applications have been reviewed and the winners have been notified through email.

Winners will receive an official scholarship letter directed to the home address that was entered in the application. Along with that letter, the winner will recieve a check for $1000 made out to the school that they plan to attend. The check will be payable to that school Financial Office and the student will take that check to that office when arriving on campus.  The student will identify themselves and the school will apply the winning amount to the school account for that student.


Important Update - SNHS Dues and Applications Fees have changed
Due to rising costs for postage, certificates, and web services, our prices have increased. Joining the SNHS costs $200 for domestic chapters and $300 for International chapters.  Yearly dues are now $60/year.
This set of changes will help us to keep the SNHS functioning.  Remember that we are all volunteers, any funds beyond internet charges and postage goes to the scholarship fund.
Attention  -  Critical!  Get your orders for supplies in to us early!! Many schools are having vertual graduations.  Campus supply will assist with all the graduation "stuff" that you may need.

The SNHS is now accepting orders for all official certificates, pins and stickers as well as Honor Cords and Stoles.  All orders are to be placed with Campus Supply at the following link: YOu can also call Nora at 713.784.4990 Ext. 107. Call the extension, the public office is closed.   

Never send  orders directly to SNHS. Only Dues and new Chapter information should be sent to SNHS directly.


See all current SNHS Chapters here. This information is as of October 15, 2019.
The SNHS has 1759 chapters in all 50 states, plus DC, Puerto Rico, and American schools around the world.  Please review your chapter to make sure that the chapter advisor name and other information is correct.  Send updates to (Update is underway.)
Creating New Chapters
To create a new chapter, an online application method is available.  Click here to apply.
New SNHS Constitution and Bylaws Posted
The SNHS Board has approved a new version of the SNHS Constitution and Bylaws.  They can be found at the Chapter Resources tab.  All chapter should review that document and make sure that your operations reflect those bylaws.