Frank Hughes

Frank Hughes, retired NASA Chief of Space Flight Training, joined Tietronix Software, Incorporated, as Vice-president of Education and Training Products.  In this capacity, Mr. Hughes is a STEM advocate. Hughes and his technical team are producing Web-based education products using virtual reality environments to teach all of the STEM areas.  Tietronix also produces training on subjects such as aerospace safety,  cyber security, business processes, and business dynamics.

His extensive NASA career began in 1966 while he was involved with the Apollo Simulators as an Instructor, with expertise in the Apollo Guidance Computers. He has been involved with every manned space flight since that time. Upon leaving NASA, as Chief of the Space Flight Training Division, Mr. Hughes headed an organization responsible for all Shuttle and Space Station Training. His responsibilities also included the development of new technologies for training and education in the United States.
Mr. Hughes received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics at St. Mary's College, California, and a Master of Science degree in environmental management, University of Houston at Clear Lake City.