Creating a Chapter of the SNHS for Your School

---SNHS Chapters are now in 50 states plus many American school chapters around the world!---

As part of the construction of the new SNHS web site, we will stop accepting new chapters from August 1 till September 1.  During this time you will not be able to create new chapters.  You also will not be able to pay your dues until September 1.

After September 1st, new chapters can start at anytime through the school year. Any secondary education school is eligible to apply and form a local chapter. Each school shall have its own chapter.

Schools may charter a chapter of the SNHS by following these steps:

  1. The teacher who will be the Chapter Advisor should be cleared by their administration to form a chapter.
  2. Go to:  SNHS recommends that you use CHROME as the browser of choice.  This link will be disappear on August 1st and will be replaced with the new web site.
  3. Enter all required data.
  4. Submit the electronic application form to the SNHS. You will receive a popup announcement immediately (within seconds). Watch for that popup because it gives you a confirmation number. Save that confirmation number for your records.  Also, add the address as a safe sender in your email system.  If you do not get that popup, check your junk files and still if nothing, call us for assistance.
  5. Pay a one-time Application Fee and registration payment of $200 to the SNHS using our online system or a send a check at this address: SNHS Registration c/o SNHS Treasurer, 15901 Amis Court, Austin, TX 78734.  The same address is used for SNHS Annual Dues.
  6. We use PayPal as our bank but you do not have to have a PayPal account to use it.  Just fill out the forms in the application pages till you get to the page that asks if you wish to join PayPal or to use your own card.  If you use PayPal, be sure to include the formal name of the school you are registering.  The name of the school district may not be the same as the name of your school.
  7. Note: The application fee for International American schools is $300 [to cover additional mailing costs.] The application fee and registration includes membership in the SNHS and an 11X17 inch certificate for display at your school, and the first-year dues for your chapter. Please include your confirmation number along with your check. Schools who pay their registration payment using PayPal find their application is processed more quickly. Go online at When you pay using PayPal, make sure you add your formal school name and teacher name on that account so we know which school is sending those funds.  The option to use your own credit card is on the last page of the registration process.
  8. Also send us a written statement from the school Principal requesting that your school will be granted a SNHS chapter. The statement should discuss why your school wishes that your school have a chapter of the SNHS and how it would be implemented.   Email is accepted for this letter.  Send the emails to
  9. The SNHS will contact you at your school via email within 4-5 weeks with your charter information.
  10. You will also receive an 11"x17" Charter document suitable for framing. Notify your office personnel since this document will be delivered in an 18" mail tube.
  11. Schools may also pay their yearly dues online at the SNHS store.  If you cannot use a credit card, send a check for those dues to the address below to maintain your SNHS charter status. The dues for subsequent years are $60. 

A generic invoice is available to pay your dues. Access the form, download it, fill it out, and print it. Give it to your administration as needed.

Registration payments and/or dues can be mailed to the following address:

The Science National Honor Society Treasurer 
15901 Amis Court, Austin, Texas 78734

Contact SNHS with any questions: or phone us at: (512) 937-2305