The Science National Honor Society is made up of volunteers who are teachers, scientists, and business people. These volunteers are dedicated to creating a new cadre of scientific young people who will help to run tomorrow's high-tech world.

SNHS Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board, Former Chief of NASA Space Flight Training, Texas
Vice Chairman of the Board, Post Doctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Treasurer, Dentist, Texas
Kimberly Rawson,
Office Manager, Texas

Honorary Board Members

Author, Emory University, Georgia
Texas Instruments - TI Fellow, Texas
NASA scientist and author, Texas

Board Members

Laurie Bergman,
Shell Oil, Texas
Biology Teacher, Elkins High School, Texas
Biology Teacher (retired), Texas
Harris County Department of Education, Texas
Gordon Hubbard,
Science Department Chairperson, Peekskill City School District, New York
Dr. Monica Lurtz,
U. of California - Merced, California
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

State and Regional Organizations

  • Local chapters may form regional chapters of SNHS that are affiliated with the National Board of Directors of SNHS.
  • Regional chapters shall form a SNHS regional committee of local chapter advisors in order to govern the affairs of the region. Officers shall be elected for each region annually.
  • Regional chapters may form state chapters of SNHS that are affiliated with the National Executive Board of SNHS.
  • State chapters shall form a SNHS state committee of regional officers in order to govern the affairs of the state chapter. Officers shall be elected anually.
  • All state and regional chapters shall provide contact information to the national office.
  • Confirming state or regional chapter affairs with the national office of SNHS is not necessary, but the affairs shall conform to the SNHS Constitution.
  • All state and regional chapters shall affiliate with the Science National Honor Society.
  • The purposes of state and regional chapters are to sponsor conventions for local chapter members and to engender novel projects at the region and state level.